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If you are a company or individual who is interest to buy scrap car, you will first thinking of going to the internet searching for junk cars sellers. The interest may vary between searching for engine part's or body repair or mechanical assembly.

Just make sure when you buy junk car for the sake of using some of its parts for your running car, to choose the right one. In some cases you may go for older model than yours as it has the same required parts and you could save some money.

OUR COMPANY DOESN'T SELL PARTS. If you are looking for parts, we advice to make wider Google search than your territory, you may go little bit far as some sellers are ready for free delivery.


There are car recycling firms, auto recyclers Toronto companies and car heaven companies as well as vehicle retirement service providers.

They are capable of sending your car which is probably sitting on your driveway for a while for recycling.

All these firms are ready to buy your unwanted car for recycling purposes. Once you make contact with them, they will give you a quote and ones its accepted by you they will proceed to visit you where they appraise the car on the spot before they give you some cash for your scrap car.

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}Our prices for your scrap car could reach upto $4999 for vehicle pickup and removal

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